Photograph of Emily Speaking at AMRO, behind laptop, with microphone.
Speaking at AMRO, Unmapping Infrastructures, Austria, 2018

Emily Buzzo is a graphic designer and researcher. Her work comprises a series of ongoing experiments into research methods for search and discovery. Her methodology is heavily informed by surrealist games and literature, which offer a way to circumvent our current uniform and conformative approach to research through online spaces. Her work focuses on re-introducing human instinctual and playful tactics to make room for serendipity within the existing search process.

MA Experimental Publishing, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL (2016-2019)

“Can be found making handmade paper for our business cards, from the recycled bar tickets in the kitchen, or hosting in the bar in the evenings as she learns all she can from the rest of the team. She relocated to Amsterdam to gain her Masters Degree in Experimental Publishing and found a home at Rosalia’s, where she recognised the same respect for the craft that fuelled her love for the cocktail scene in the first place, the creativity, the care and the dedication to detail.”

Artist-in-Residence, Rosalia’s Menagerie, Amsterdam, NL (Since 2017)